Horsin’ around: Horse tears up the turf at golf course

Horse tears up the turf at North Carolina golf course

Horsin' Around on the Golf Course

A horse left his mark today on a Burlington, NC golf course. Gantt Martin of Geoponics suggests a program, including Carbotein, to help fill in and repair the turf quickly for healthy regrowth.

Gantt Martin of Geoponics received an interesting text this morning from a golf course superintendent in need of some turf repair.
A neighbor’s horse got out and trampled across #17 green at a golf course in Burlington, NC.
Some of the damaged turf areas were quickly repaired by the golf course superintendent and grounds crew right on the spot, but other turf areas are left needing some fill to get the hoof marks back to seamless green turf.

Funny horse tears up the turf at golf course. Geoponics Carbotein helps with quick turf repair

Horsin’ Around

“We have a program that helps fill-in and will make the grass grow quickly. It promotes budding,” said Martin.
Carbotein has many uses and benefits. For a situation where a horse tears up the turf, or by other types of horsin’ around on the golf course, Geoponics has a program, including Carboetin, to help with quick blending and rooting. Carbotein can help with quick sprouting, fill-in and regrowth, among many other benefits to turf, plants, flowers and trees. It’s not everyday that a horse tears up the turf, but it is common to need some turf or lawn repair.  For fast fill-in and quick regrowth, learn more about Carbotein here.

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