Carbotein (

A Natural Plant Nutrient for Organic, Veganic and Hydroponic GrowersCarbotein™ is an economical natural soil conditioner with superior plant growth promoting properties.
Carbotein is a mixture of organic vegetable extracts that can be used alone or added to other sources of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Carbotein nutritive components are present in the easy to use liquid solution, as well as, the high solid content of this natural fertilizer.
Carbotein an ideal source of plant nourishment while maintaining operational ease of use. In lieu of its unique organic ingredients, Carbotein can be used in both home and industrial agricultural settings without the hazards of chemical intoxication to individuals or harm to ecological processes and cycles needed for our planet’s sustainability. Carbotein is a natural choice for organic, veganic and hydroponic growers.

How does Carbotein work?

Carbotein is a collection of specific organic vegetable extracts which have a positive while powerful and positive effect on the growth of plants. When combined with compounds containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, Carbotein has shown to increase growth yields in crops and lateral growth to offer thicker and more productive plants and turf. Carbotein is applied to the soil as a solution when watering the plants through drip, spray or fertigation systems. The applied solutions containing Carbotein are usefully and metabolically absorbed by plants, which in turn promote superior growth and outstanding botanical health.

Plants which can be treated with Carbotein™ include turf grasses, ornamental shrubs, trees, and agricultural crops to include, but not limited to: flowers, petunias, impatients, chrysanthemums, geraniums, poinsettias; spinach, mushrooms, carrots, radishes, beans, wheat, corn, tomatoes, cotton, rice, barley, apple, pear, citrus and other fruit trees, and much more.

Carbotein can be mixed with other agricultural chemicals, such as antibacterials, insecticides, ascaricides, nematocides, fungicides, selective herbicides, and the like.

Research has shown, that a proper combination of Carbotein with N-P-K nutrient sources causes more rapid growth in plant roots and foliage than do commercial fertilizers alone. Carbotein is an excellent addition to plant fertility programs. Carbotein offers natural nutritional benefits and it is economically priced.


  • Natural Plant Fertility
  • Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals
  • Major and Minor amino acids and chelated plant nutrients
  • High soluble carbohydrate and protein levels
  • Increased nutrient plant uptake and productivity
  • Increased lateral growth and crop yields
  • Increased beneficial bacterial /fungi activity
  • Economical
  • Extremely Environmentally Friendly
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Sustainable


“Being a leader and innovator in the lawn care industry with branches from Boston down through the Mid-Atlantic region, SavATree/SavaLawn has always strived to provide customers with lawn care choices that are both effective and environmentally sensible….Carbotein and Humawet have been the core organic/biodegradable components to the success of these programs.”

SavaTree SavaLawn

Bedford Hills, NY

“Once we started checking out Carbotein and realized that beyond being organic and safe it also didn’t have the salt base, I simply had to give it a try. In doing so, we have easily saved 75% off of our fertilizer budget this year…”

Heather Watkins-Vaughan

Plantation Golf Resort

Director of Resort and Subdivision Landscaping and Maintenance

“I am so very happy with the product, and will continue to use it. In fact, I have already infused my newly tilled beds with Carbotein, and I’m excited to see what it will do for my summer plantings.”

Elisabeth Fry

Home Garden Enthusiast

Orange County, CA

“I have applied Carbotein on everything from ornamental turfgrass to flowers, on bushes and shrubs, and even to trees, and in each case I have seen a noticeable positive impact. Plugs that were having difficulty getting established and were looking like weeds took off, even in shaded areas or in bad soils. Annuals that typically would have begun fading are still looking great, and freshly transplanted areas are not showing the signs of stress you would ordinarily expect. The foliage has become so dense in certain places, we’ve had to remove entire sections to clear existing pathways, which allows us to develop new cultivated areas elsewhere. The results we’ve seen have been absolutely amazing!”

Debbie Fitzgerald


Raleigh Country Club