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Turf colorant provides instant wow factor to golf courses, lawns and sports fields. ENDURANT turf paint is the best organic pigment with the lowest price, most popular results and easiest to apply pigments used for painting grass, sand, mulch and pinestraw.

Endurant  provides professional turfgrass managers, golf course superintendents and landscapers, as well as home and municipal users, with easy to apply, affordable, long-lasting, equipment-friendly pigments and dyes for use on turf, mulch, pine straw and other ground covers, as well as in lakes and ponds– while knowing the all-natural turf paint with its organic ingredients are safe for the environment, wildlife, players, golf course members, children, pets and employees.

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Save water, time and money with the USGA recommended practice of turf painting versus overseeding:

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Turf colorant and grass paint for golf courses, sports fields and home lawns offer immediate results. ENDURANT brand organic colorants help to keep your yard or golf course looking its best economically and instantly with easy grass and mulch paint applications, allowing for significant reductions on both material and labor costs. And because the products are non-toxic there is no need for any special licensing or certification in their use or restrictions on when and where they may be sprayed, a fact which keeps interruptions to a minimum and allows you to feel great no matter who is on the turf, grass or field, including children, pets and wildlife.

Endurant Turf Colorant

ENDURANT Turf Colorants are environmentally-friendly, organic pigments made with binders chosen specifically for their excellent adherence to turfgrass. This key component of any colorant is what sets it apart from other products similar in outward appearance. The superior quality of our complete formulation insures a color that is full and rich, provides a natural looking green, and which is both consistent and long-lasting. Its visual appeal is unmatched by any other brand on the market. It is suitable for use over a wide range including, but not limited to: golf course tees, greens and fairways; athletic fields; parks, common areas and lawns.


Using Endurant Turf Colorant

ENDURANT Lawn Paint is well suited for use around homes. Though commonly referred to as “paint” the product is actually an organic pigment and it does not harm the environment in any way. In fact, the use of colorants dramatically reduces the need for other, more caustic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, which are commonly used when lawns are overseeded. Treated lawns also require virtually no water or fertilizer, which also helps reduce the burden on the natural world.

ENDURANT Sand Pigments enable users to easily create their own batches of just the right shade for the occasion without having to place large orders or reserve space for both treated and untreated sand. Custom colors for special occasions are gladly made to order; contract blending and delivery can be arranged under most circumstances.

ENDURANT Mulch Colorants
Over time any ground cover’s color will fade due to exposure to sun light. Whether the choice is made to bring in new or go over the top of the existing material,ENDURANT Mulch Colorants allow the user to easily get the desired shade of black, brown or red without any specialized equipment.

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