Endurant Flex

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Endurant Flex is a hybrid, combining the benefits of both a pigment and a paint. This includes the affordability of pigments with the staying power of paints. Flex is ideal for use during transitions, whether a change in seasons or a transition in grass species.

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Endurant Flex is an eco-friendly organic pigment made with binders chosen specifically for its excellent adherence to turfgrass. Endurant Flex is a temporary color enhancer intended for use from spring transition until approaching dormancy conditions start to occur. Endurant Flex provides a natural looking green associated with actively growing healthy turf, for a visual appeal that is unmatched by any other colorant while staying consistent with superior color, quality and value associated with the Endurant Turf Colorants line.

Simply mix Endurant Flex, according to label application rates in with weekly spray applications to provide color uniformity, to mask discoloration from chemical treatments and to present a vibrant, lush green appearance on a regular basis.

Apply Endurant Flex at a rate of 32-64 ounces per acre. Increase or decrease rate to achieve desired color depth based on chlorophyll presence. Turf conditions, equipment calibration and depth of color cause coverage rates to vary.

Allow Endurant Flex to fully disperse into agitation following standard order of addition regarding pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers.

After application, clean tank with water and/or tank cleaner and according to pesticide manufacturer instructions if applicable.