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SoilGlue is a polymer-based emulsion used for soil stabilization and dust control. Soil Glue can be used for areas such as golf course bunkers. It bonds soil particles together when applied to the surface of the soil. Additional product can be used to go deeper. It forms a protective, flexible film that eliminates dust, prevents mud and controls erosion. It can be used in applications small or large and is environmentally safe.

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Soil Glue provides a protective, flexible film that eliminates dust, prevents mud and reduces erosion. When applied to the surface of the soil, it creates a bonding agent that is non-hazardous and water-soluble.

Soil Glue works by bonding individual sand or soil particles together. It then dries to form a crust of varying flexibility based on amount used. The product strengthens the surface of the soil.

Soil Glue has many commercial uses, including stabilizing golf course bunkers; preventing dust and air pollution on construction sites; and preventing dusty dirt roadways. Residential usage is also common on areas such as dirt driveways. It is used anywhere stability and dust prevention, erosion control or limited soil dispersion are desired.

Soil Glue penetrates the soil and the more Soil Glue applied, the deeper penetration for maximum lasting stability and maximum rigidity. Modest to light applications will create a light temporary surface crust that is water permeable and helpful for dust control. Heavier applications can be as impervious as a cement-like surface. Soil Glue can be as simple to use and easy to apply as watering the ground.

Once cured, Soil Glue is completely transparent. The landscape appears untouched. However, colorants can be added for the desired effect. One benefit for golf courses is the ability to add color using dyes or pigments to Soil Glue. Thus, Soil Glue can be used to keep property features such as bunkers and sand traps the desired white color. It can be used in many applications for a combination of maintaining aesthetics and functionality.

Soil Glue’s nonhazardous and water-soluble properties make it suitable for application in environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetland buffer zones. When applied as directed, Soil Glue will not harm people, plants, animals, fish or other aquatic life.
  • Dust reduction
  • Water resistance
  • Will not dissipate or wash away with water once cured
  • Dries clear, while dyes and pigments can be added for color
  • Dries flexible
  • Compliant with dust and particulate matter regulations, including PM-10 and PM-2.5
  • Eliminates dust particles of 2.5+ microns in size