Endurant Flex

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Endurant Flex is a hybrid colorant, meaning it combines the benefits of both a pigment and a paint. This includes the affordability of pigments with the staying power of paints. Flex is ideal for use during transitions, whether a change in seasons or a transition in grass species.

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This hybrid turf colorant is ideal for transitions. Endurant Flex (Endurant FX) is often used during the season where turfgrass is transitioning from actively growing grass to dormant turf or out of winter dormancy and into springtime growth. Endurant Flex offers the ideal benefits for these and other conditions. Endurant Flex is used in places that may or may not go dormant each year.
Flex offers the combined benefits of pigments, such as offered by Endurant TE for actively growing grass, with the strength and depth of color provided by paints, such as Endurant Premium and other shades of Endurant paints.
Endurant Flex provides the benefits of both the pigment and the paint in a more economical form than either would provide specific to the transition times and zones. Prevent the additional application costs that could come with using a pigment, such as Endurant TE, which is ideal for actively growing grass, while not being as costly per acre as a full coverage paint for turf, which is ideal for dormant grass, among other conditions. Flex Your Turf means to show it off! Make it look its best all year long.

Apply Endurant Flex at a rate of 32-64 ounces per acre. Increase or decrease rate to achieve desired color depth based on chlorophyll presence. Turf conditions, equipment calibration and depth of color cause coverage rates to vary.

Allow Endurant Flex to fully disperse into agitation following standard order of addition regarding pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers.

After application, clean tank with water and/or tank cleaner and according to pesticide manufacturer instructions if applicable.