Launching the New Website

We are excited to announce the newest version of our website,, COMING SOON! The website has been around for more than 10 years, but it’s getting a whole new look with new products and new features.

This has been a work in progress for several months and it is almost complete. We will be sure to let you know when the newest version of has launched and is LIVE.

Geoponics is proud to tell you about some of the new products and features you can expect on the new website. Also, we include here a short Q&A with Daniel Londono, Geoponics’ Web Designer and Technical Support Leader, about the new website and his background.

Finally, and as always, look for Geoponics to offer you the best products for maintaining and improving landscapes in the most environmentally friendly way possible while conserving resources.

A graphic of electronic wires and tubes with text about launching a new version of the website with new features coming soon

A new version of with new products and features is coming soon.

New features to look for on include:

  • More product details
  • Safety Data Sheets and technical bulletins
  • New Products!
    • HazMark for marking hazards on golf courses and marking sports fields with nontoxic colorant.
    • Spray n Stay, which keeps Endurant turf colorant on the grass and off players’ uniforms, pets or people even under high friction or heavy traffic.
    • Duration, one of the most economical soil surfactants for retaining water and increasing water and nutrient uptake from soil to plant.
  • Much more!

About Daniel Londono, the designer of the new website:

Daniel Londono of Colombia is Geoponics’ IT manager. He oversees all the websites and assists with the company’s technical glitches should they arise. Londono is a web designer and expert in html and coding.

If the name sounds familiar, sister Gloria Londono is the office manager at the Naples, Florida location, headquarters of Geoponics. She is often the person customers are most familiar with at the office. She oversees logistics and international customers.

Brother Daniel Londono has built landing pages, Endurant Turf Paint and many other sites for Geoponics. In fact, on the heels of completing, Geoponics is looking to revamp with Daniel at the helm.

A headshot of Daniel Londono web designer and tech support for

Daniel Londono web designer and tech support for

Q&A with Daniel Londono About Himself and the New Website

Q: Can you tell us about your college and education?
A: I’m a Systems Engineer who graduated from ITM, Institute of Technology Management

Q: Why do you like web design.
A: I started to create web pages and software as a hobby.

Q: What are you most proud of about the new website?
A: It’s my first WordPress site that I have created the template from scratch.

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: I have four cats.

Q: What city in Colombia are you from?
A: Medellin, Colombia

Q: When will the website be ready?
A: ASAP. We will let you know. But very soon.

About Geoponics Corp

Geoponics offers products to keep lawns, gardens, farms and ponds all looking their best. The products are sustainable and range from soil remediation to plant nutrition and organic grass pigments.

Among the most popular products are:

  • Penterra, the fastest-acting soil penetrant, is one of Geoponics most popular products.
  • Next is the entire line of Endurant landscape colorants for grass, mulch, trees, sand and more. These are organic pigments mixed with nontoxic binders.
  • Another favorite, especially among golf courses, is Agriox, for time released oxygen in anaerobic soil.
  • Furthermore, Carbotein is a leading plant nutrition product for plants, gardens, farms, lawns and turfgrass.  Carbotein increases plant growth, budding and fruit yields with its all natural blend of vegetable extracts.
  • Yet another popular plant nutrient product for lawns, gardens, farms, trees and grass is SoilPlex. SoilPlex is OMRI listed for organic growing with the purest humic and fulvic acids. These increase plant nutrient uptake, decrease soil toxicity from years of chemical usage, and improve longterm soil health. If you use fertilizer, get the most out of it by combining SoilPlex.
  • Finally, FertaFlow is slow processed whole fish fertilizer that is OMRI listed for organic growing. Thus, it leads to healthy soil and plants long term without the negative effects of added chemical fertilizer. Or, use it in combination with other fertilizers for even greater results.