DusterDown: Control Dust & Stabilize Soil

When the Dust Has Settled, It Must Have Been DusterDown

DusterDown makes dust suppression and soil stabilization easy. DusterDown, like other products by Geoponics, is environmentally friendly and non toxic. Thus, it safely suppresses dust on dirt roads, constructions sites and other areas. This dust suppressant is used for soil stabilization and is highly effective at it. Because of this, it is often preferred for suppressing dirt in places such as race tracks with large audiences.

With DusterDown, there is no compromise between health, effectiveness or expense. It is the ultimate choice when considering all of these factors.

What Is DusterDown ?

DusterDown is a polymer-based emulsion that suppresses dust and prevents erosion.

Because of its ease of use, DusterDown is ideal for projects large or small. Whether for application in large commercial projects or for small residential applications, DusterDown is easy to apply. Using DusterDown can be as simple as watering the soil.

How Does DusterDown Work for Dust Suppression?

DusterDown helps to eliminate dust by encapsulating the particles which cling to each other.

Working its way deep into the ground, DusterDown goes beyond the surface layer. It is made specifically to maximize depth of penetration. The result is a thicker protective barrier with a more rigid and stable base. Once cured, DusterDown leaves the natural landscape as if untouched.

DusterDown bonds the individual soil particles together. It is mixed at a 1:1 ratio with water and when it dries, it forms a flexible strong surface of soil. DusterDown creates a three-dimensional matrix. The depth of this matrix varies depending on the type of application and performance requirements in the soil, yet always results in enhanced stability and durability.

Dust suppression, erosion control and soil stabilization with DusterDown

Why Use DusterDown for Dust Suppression?

DusterDown is a powerful high-tech bonding agent as it was designed specifically for bonding dirt particles.

Thus, DusterDown forms a flexible, protective film that removes dust, prevents mud, and controls erosion. This demonstrates DusterDown is a solution to today’s demanding control requirements.

As a non-hazardous, eco-friendly and water-soluble product, DusterDown may be applied to environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetland buffer zones. DusterDown has no harmful effects on people, animals, fish, or other aquatic life.

Because of these properties, professionals use DusterDown for dust control, dust suppression, dust palliative treatment, road stabilization and many other dust binding applications.

Other Benefits of DusterDown for Dust Suppression, Erosion Control and Soil Stabilization?

In addition to suppressing dust, minimizing erosion and stabilizing soil, DusterDown is biodegradable. Also, it is safe for its users.

DusterDown is non-reactive to stone, concrete, or organic particles. It will not interfere with asphalt or concrete mixes. Users do not need a special applicator to apply DusterDown. It is safe on equipment. Perhaps best of all, DusterDown works in all temperatures.

DusterDown for dust suppression and erosion control

Get DusterDown for dust suppression and erosion control

The binding property of Duster Down is utilized in many types of dust control and dust prevention, including:

  • Providing dust-suppression in roads, parking lots, race tracks, quarries, paddocks and construction sites.
  • Maximizing sand dune stabilization and earth stabilization in areas susceptible to wind erosion.
  • Providing dust-palliative or dust prevention treatment of public and private roads.
  • Binding dust and providing stabilization of dirt paths and secondary roads.
  • Minimizing environmental dust in areas around race tracks.

Where to Buy DusterDown?

Call Geoponics directly at 1-877-ECO-GROW to order DusterDown. If you would like a quote for projects large or small, email info@geoponicscorp.com.

If you would like to learn more before buying DusterDown, visit DusterDown.com. More product details are also available on this 5 Gallon DusterDown label.