Lawn paints help build small businesses

Green lawn paints continue to build more small businesses following a post-drought business boom.

Lawn painting businesses were booming in the western U.S. throughout one of California’s most severe droughts. While drought relief has come to many areas with increased precipitation, the businesses continue to grow.

Lawn paints provide relief to property owners looking for instant results. Often lawn paints are the solution to use when a lawn needs to be spruced up quickly for an event, such as for a wedding. Sometimes the cause for a dry, stressed or damaged lawn is severe unexpected weather, poor longterm maintenance of soil health, chemical/ fertilizer burns, pet urine stains and/or stress due to heat, traffic or other causes.

Curb appeal is restored with Lawn Picasso. The long California drought has left otherwise gorgeous properties with drab, brown grass. Lawn Picasso, using Endurant organic turf paint provides the solution.

Three years after height of California drought, lawn painting businesses still growing. File photo: Lawn Picasso grass painting business is launched in 2014 to provide the most eco-friendly solution to brown grass during California drought using Endurant organic turf colorant.

Whatever the cause for brown, dry, stressed, diseased or patchy grass, lawn paints can provide the instant results needed for some customers. Lawn and landscape companies are finding applications to be cost effective and a sure fire way to provide optimal results under pressure.

How to paint a lawn

Painting a lawn can be easier by checking out expert tips in advance.

Once set up, application is easy. Endurant colorants last up to three months depending upon the rate of grass growth, frequency of mowing and other conditions.

Green lawn paints are a relatively newer option to residential use but have long been used in professional settings including sports, television, film and event coordination. Golf courses, baseball fields, NASCAR, NFL and other football fields, among many other athletic applications are common.

Endurant colorants are a favorite because of the variety of shades of green available to suit the most desired look. They show up flawlessly even to the super-critical “eye” of a high definition camera lens. Whether it’s HDTV viewers, a discerning home buyer, a wedding couple or high paying golf course member, there are times when flawless turf can best be achieved with the assistance of a colorant.

Lawn paints CAN be a temporary replacement for some maintenance needs, including during water shortages, but they can also be applied while addressing agronomic issues, including soil health. Lawn paints provide a flawless look when color and aesthetics are as important as plant health or athletic playability, or in some cases, even more so. Lawn paints can be used to get the grass looking great immediately while the underlying cause is also addressed for the longer term.

Want a green lawn today? Buy lawn paint.

Want to help others get a green lawn? Check out how to kickstart your own small business painting grass. Lawn painting also adds on well as an additional service option to other lawn, garden and landscape businesses.

Endurant green lawn paints are non-toxic. They last up to three months depending on the rate of grass growth and frequency of mowing, among other factors. Endurant dries quickly and will not wash away easily once dried. Endurant is the brand preferred by golf courses, NFL teams and many others. Why shouldn’t your lawn, and/or your customers lawns, look as good as Augusta National during golf tournaments if that’s the greatest desire? Get the look without the cost and environmental degradation of over-seeding, over-watering and over-fertilzing.