What to expect from Agiox soil oxygen applications

Agriox is a revolutionary product designed to transition soils from oxygen starved to oxygen rich growing environments. The low solubility and high stability of its powdered formulation allows this buffered oxidizing agent to slowly release molecular oxygen directly into the soil moisture within the root zone, eliminating the immediate release and atmospheric loss which dramatically reduced the efficacy of liquid oxygenation products in the past.

What Our Users Report Seeing After Beginning Agriox Applications
The product’s earliest impact is most often seen below the surface, on the roots themselves, which soon become thicker and more white. This is typically accompanied by an increase in the number of feeder roots. Over time, a significantly larger root mass is cultivated, as is a more uniform appearance up top. For newer customers, these are routinely sited as the primary benefits achieved from regular treatments. Though an apparent visual response is not necessarily immediate, there are observable indications that the turf is responding. The most prevalent of these is a noticeably longer duration of fertility application effectiveness. (This better utilization of nutrients marks the beginning of the reduction to overhead expenses our users see.) Another common sign is a temporary spike of growth after a week or two, a clear indication the soil is being purged of an excess of tied up nutrients.

Soil Benefits Noted After Application:
Reduced instances of disease; lesser need for fungicides; more rapid recovery from damage; less play lost to core aeration; more consistent overall turfgrass conditions across treated areas

Problematic Soil Challenges Being Overcome
Low soil oxygen levels affect a plant’s ability to uptake the nutrients you are providing it. Under such anaerobic conditions, turfgrasses use nitrates as the terminal electron acceptors for respiration instead of oxygen, effectively robbing the plant of nitrogen. The presence of Agriox effectively mitigates this process of denitrification. This begins to explain how it is able to make your fertility treatments more effective, which allows you to make fewer applications, an important aspect of the product’s value to take into account when considering adding it to your program. It is also worth noting that you do not need to change your existing routine when adopting this product.

Overview of the Biological and Chemical Implications of Higher Soil Oxygen Levels
Like all aerobic organisms, plant-friendly microbes must be provided with a constant supply of oxygen in order to survive and flourish. Unfortunately for turfgrass managers, this has traditionally been a practical impossibility. As a result, anaerobic microbes explode in population, which can lead to a host of problems including disease, nutrient deficiencies, hydrogen sulfide production, and black layer. Soils enriched with Agriox, however, show increased beneficial microbial populations and greater species diversity which helps to drive the nitrogen cycle and which promotes remarkable botanical health. The carbon dioxide resulting from increased respiration is offset as well.

Soil Wetting Agent

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In a general sense, the reduction of stress upon a soil ecology allows a plant to dedicate much more of its limited energy to internal processes and increasing vigor instead of externally to a fight for mere survival. Agriox achieves this by promoting the efficient movement of nutrients and water throughout the profile. Its slow release process is especially beneficial in the root zone during photosynthesis when plants are metabolizing nutrients, enzymes, hormones, organic acids, and other components which fuel growth. By increasing the soil’s buffering capacity, it reduces the effects of nutrient toxicity, and it improves hydraulic conductivity in heavily laden organic soils.