Oh Christmas tree: Choosing a cut, fake or living tree

What is the best type of Christmas tree? There is no right answer, of course! However, here are some things to consider when choosing between a cut tree, an artificial tree and a living tree. Here are ways to factor in your space, budget and tastes, while also keeping the environment in mind when deciding whether to purchase a live, fake or cut tree.


cut tree Christmas recycle

A cut Christmas tree is great if you don’t have space to store a tree and you can recycle it after the holidays.

Cut tree


1) Fragrant

2) Many sizes to fit your space

3) Many types, such as fir, spruce and pine

4) They can be recycled



1) Some people are allergic

2) Pesticides and chemicals can be used to grow them

3) They can dry out easily causing a fire hazard


Artificial Christmas trees may lead to less waste and be the economical choice.

Artificial Trees


1) Can potentially be less expensive than purchasing a cut or live tree annually

2) Non allergy prone

3) No waste to deal with after the holidays

4) No worries about watering


1) The manufacturing process can include chemicals and methods that can harm the environment

2) Can be expensive or difficult to find a realistic-looking tree

3) You need space to store the tree throughout the year


Live Christmas tree

A live Christmas tree can be the best environmental option if your landscape could use a tree.

Live trees


1) Great way to add to your landscape if you were looking to add a tree

2) Can be the best environmental choice.

3) Fragrant

4) Several varieties are available, so it’s important to find one best for your climate


1) They can be quite heavy with the roots and soil

2) Many can’t live indoors very long

3) Frozen dirt can pose a challenge for planting in some areas

4)  Some varieities may not look like the traditional Christmas tree shape


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