Endurant turf paint beats overseed in Tennessee with just one annual application

Golf Course Superintendent Rodney Lingle of Memphis, Tennessee Country Club has some of the best Champion greens of anyone in the country and is an expert on greens painting.

He usually paints just once per year, applying it a bit dark at first to get through a whole growing season without reapplying.

There are so many benefits, as he shares in the video below, that once you try Endurant turf paint, you won’t go back to overseed. It’s a matter of using fewer harmful chemicals, saving water, saving money and time– and of course having the most playable, beautiful turf possible.

Watch as he applies Endurant, which is Geoponics organic, earthy-friendly turf colorant. www.TurfPaint.net)

Mr. Lingle will be hosting a GCSAA webinar on this later in the month!