Speed overseed & save water with ProfaSorb

Still overseeding?

Speed Overseed & save water with ProfaSorb soil surfactant

ProfasorbProfaSorb is the answer to faster seed germination, healthier turfgrass growth and reduced water usage. ProfaSorb is an extremely economical soil surfactant. ProfaSorb is an earth-friendly product.

Geoponics offers a product to help overseed germinate and grow faster, while saving on water. Geoponics is known for providing the top Endurant Turf Colorant to professionals as an alternative to overseed, nonetheless ProfaSorb is a tool Geoponics provides for when overseed practices are still in use. ProfaSorb is a soil surfactant that makes overseeding less costly and more effective. Earth friendly ProfaSorb targets the top layer of soil where overseed needs the moisture retention.

Why use ProfaSorb specifically during overseed?

ProfaSorb is a soil surfactant that helps retain moisture up top in the higher portions of the soil profile where the seed needs the extra water to germinate and grow. Usually, a lot of water is used to get the seeds to grow in the overseed process. ProfaSorb’s job is to perform in the top layer of the soil– and it does so with amazing results. As ProfaSorb holds in the moisture, less water is used, presenting economic and environmental savings.

ProfaSorb helps overseed grow faster and healthier.

Is ProfaSorb easy to use?

ProfaSorb is very easy to use. One of the best attributes of ProfaSorb is that it is truly free rinsing. Turf managers don’t have to turn on the irrigation system immediately to rinse ProfaSorb off the leaf blades. Rather, the ProfaSorb remains there and can be watered-in later. The ProfaSorab then completely reactivates when it is most convenient to run the irrigation system. This provides great convenience to golf course superintendents allowing ProfaSorb to be applied any time and irrigated when there are no disruptions to golfers or the game.

Throughout the U.S., particularly in places such as Arizona, California and other western U.S. states, water is very expensive. ProfaSorb is cheaper than water in many areas of the world.

Learn more about ProfaSorb at www.ProfaSorb.com or call 1-877-ECO-GROW and order this professional grade soil surfactant designed for fertigation application.